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April 29th, 2016 by Michael Tunnell

Is Maintaining Your Own Website Worth the Hassle?

We're asked, quite often, "will I be able to edit the website myself?" and we've provided solutions for those who wanted that ability and those who didn't. Recently though, we've been responding in a new way, something like, "Yes, that's certainly an option but do you really want to?"

You see, website maintenance is tedious, time consuming and I'd even go as far as to say a bit painful. These are qualities that I see in the work and I'm someone who actually enjoys this work. Imagine how you'd feel about those qualities when it's something you're forced to deal with rather than running your company.

A Maintained Website is a Necessity These Days

If a website is not maintained it has the potential to become stale and/or outdated. Search Engines like Google, Bing, and others use this as an indicator for how well a website will rank in search results. This is also true for the average visitor viewing a website. This is why I, and search engines, consider a maintained website a necessity these days.

Think about how you respond to websites, you go to a site interested in purchasing a product or service but the website has not seen any activity in over a year. Do you ignore that or do you think of the lack of effort as a "lack of caring"? If you said "lack of caring" then you're like most people because when we know someone is putting in the effort we feel more comfortable to pay for their product/service.

Pros and Cons: Maintaining a Site Yourself


  • Time Benefit — edit the website at any time of the day.
  • Time Benefit — no wait period between request changes.
  • Time Benefit — publish changes faster than typical managed sites.
  • Financial Benefit — no monthly payment for maintenance.


  • Time Expense — learning to edit the website through training, tutorials, trial & error.
  • Time Expense — performing the changes yourself can be time consuming depending on the type of changes needed.
  • Time Expense — time spent editing a website rather than working on something related to your core business.
  • Financial Expense — client-editable websites are typically more expensive up-front as they rely on infrastructure to be set up to facilitate it.

Summary: more expensive financially for the infrastructure and more expensive in time requirements because the client needs to spend time learning how to manage the website as well as spending the time to make the edits.

Pros and Cons: Visuex Maintaining the Site For You


  • Time Benefit — just need email to submit change requests.
  • Time Benefit — no wasted time out of your business.
  • Financial Benefit — no hefty up-front cost for maintenance.


  • Time Expense — sending the changes via email to Visuex.
  • Financial Expense — monthly fee for maintenance, starting at just $50 per month.

Summary: saves a lot of time and effort for the client as we'll handle pretty much everything. Costs less up front but has a monthly fee that could add up to more in the long term, though would take years to get there.

Is Maintaining Your Own Website Worth the Hassle?

Whether or not it is worth maintaining your website yourself is up to you of course but I hope I provided valuable information to help you make that decision. I believe that after weighing all the pros and cons, hiring us or another web agency, depending on their fees, is a better approach because it costs less up front and allows you to worry about the work you actually want to do rather than adding extra work on top.