What is RentMonster?

RentMonster provides a FREE service to help people find an apartment that perfectly fits their needs in and around Birmingham, Alabama. RentMonster knows all the rent specials, floor plans, amenities, neighborhoods, and can provide you detailed information about the area or property that you're considering.

Web Design & Development

Design - Our attention to detail is what sets our designs apart from the rest. RentMonster's website was designed to blend perfectly with their branding and functional goals. We created a streamlined website that presents all of their most important content immediately to the visitor and if the visitor wants to dig deeper and learn more, it was designed to facilitate that in a clean and fast way.

Development - RentMonster is a fast paced company that needed their website and backend systems to perform at their pace. We designed and developed a custom website engine to power their website so we could ensure maximum performance. RentMonster's website has custom integration with their Visuex-made CRM system which allows their visitors to streamline the process of finding their next apartment.

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Responsive Design

Utilizing responsive web design provides optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices - whether your visitors are on a smartphone or a 27” monitor. RentMonster wanted to make it possible for their potential clients to find all the information they needed as well as to initiate the process of finding an apartment directly from their mobile devices. Our approach to this project was to create a great experience for easy reading and navigation that would automatically adjust itself based on the device being used to view it, this is where Responsive Design came in. The days of having to resize, reposition, and scroll a website on our phones are over.

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Logo (name) - RentMonster's logo needed to be professional, playful, friendly, bold, and eye-catching. We were excited to work on this because those words are not typically associated with monsters.

Trent - the mascot. RentMonster wanted a mascot for their company that expressed all of the qualities they wanted for their logo but, in addition, to also express sophistication, style, and confidence. After we put together a few monster concepts for them, ultimately they chose Trent. We were also given the honor of naming the mascot, we suggested "Trent" and full name as "Trent Monster" and they loved it. Trent is now helping people find their way to RentMonster every day.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMonster is a CRM that we developed specifically to the preferences and criteria that our client needed.

RentMonster avoided a very sticky situation by hiring us to develop CRMonster because the proprietary service they were using decided to completely shutdown, leaving them with no solution.

We discovered many serious bugs in that service's API while developing CRM <-> Website integration. We reported the bugs to the service provider and to RentMonster, the service provider ignored our reports, RentMonster did not. RentMonster hired us to develop a custom CRM to replace this service so they could adjust and improve it at any time.

With CRMonster only a week from deployment, RentMonster informed us the service we were replacing had announced that they were shutting down all aspects of their services. Instead of being catastrophic news for RentMonster, they were relieved to know they had made the right decision.

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