Social Media is more than just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account, any website that allows for people and companies to communicate with each other are a part of the phenomenon known as Social Media.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

We help our clients by developing social media strategies that improve their online presence, brand awareness, and social authority so people become fans and fans become advocates. Our social strategies are built around your company's long-term goals and objectives so whether you want to focus on a global campaign or specific niche markets our process will scale accordingly. Our process allows our clients to target preferred audiences and compel them to take action whether that be to become customers or advocating to others.

Establish, Connect, Engage, and Measure

One of the biggest mistakes companies make on Social Media is to treat it only as a distribution platform, because it is much more than that. Social Media is a networking platform so merely talking to people without ever listening is not an effective method of utilizing the medium. We help our clients establish a presence, connect with their leads and customers, engage with them and measure the results to continually optimize their approach.

Visuex Selected for Expertise's Birmingham's Best Web Designers Award main blog post image
October 3rd, 2016

Visuex Selected for Expertise's Birmingham's Best Web Designers Award

Visuex has been selected to receive Expertise's award for 2016 Birmingham's Best Web Designers.

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