Web Design

These days, practically anyone can set up a website but we build websites that are engaging, eye-catching, establish credibility, and strategically communicate your messaging to intended demographics resulting with converting visitors to customers.

Your Website's Design is Vital . . .

Your Website's Design is vital and perhaps more vital than you may think, over 80% of consumers research potential purchases online before committing to buy. Your website needs to convey a message of professionalism while being pleasing to the eye. Google's Webmaster Guidelines addresses the need for websites to focus on user-experience rather than trying to rank their website higher in search results. That is not to say that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not important but rather that increasing the amount visitors to a website is not effective if the site isn't converting those visitors into customers.

"Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines."- Google Webmaster Guidelines

Imagine you're going out to dinner . . .

Imagine you're going out to dinner to a restaurant you've never been to before. The moment you walk into the restaurant you quickly begin to lose your appetite as you look around to see grease on the counters, leftover trash from previous customers, and beverages spilled on the floor. You don't bother trying to inform the staff of these issues, instead you just turn around and leave. These issues are likely temporary and probably do not reflect the restaurant's food quality but the initial experience is too off-putting. Perhaps that restaurant actually has an amazing chef who makes the most delicious burger you'd ever have but you'll never know what you're missing because an experience like that turned you away to look elsewhere.

The situation with the restaurant is very similar to how people respond to websites with poor presentation. You may have the "best burger" as well, whether that be your product or service, but if your website sends the wrong message then the majority of users will receive that wrong message and act accordingly, never getting to experience your burger.

We create visually compelling content-driven website designs that establish credibility and facilitate conversions. It's not enough to get the customer through the door, we help you seat them at the table and take their order.

Content-Driven Design

Have you heard the phrase, "Content is King"? If not, it is a phrase to express the idea that Content is the most important aspect to marketing. We agree that Content is a very important factor which is why we provide Content Creation services but Content isn't the only factor that needs attention.

If Content is King, then it is only appropriate that Design is Queen.- Michael Tunnell

If Content is King, then it is only appropriate that Design is Queen. Design is Queen because without proper presentation it does not make much difference to most users how good the content is because if consuming that content is not pleasant then they will simply choose to not consume it. Content-Driven Design is the marriage of Content and Design to make a happy kingdom. The solutions we build are based on the concept of addressing proper Content Creation as well as merging that with proper Design techniques.

Using the Force to Bring a New Design to Visuex.com main blog post image
May 4th, 2016

Using the Force to Bring a New Design to Visuex.com

We are so excited for today! As you can see the new design for Visuex.com is now live. Not only have we redesigned the website but we've also built a new custom Content Management System (CMS) that powers it. Our CMS renders pages so fast that it must be "powered by the Force", so what better day to launch the new site than Star Wars Day?

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RentMonster Case Study main blog post image
April 25th, 2016

RentMonster Case Study

We've added a new case study to our Portfolio featuring the apartment locator company, RentMonster. It's been a delight to work with the RentMonster team and we're excited to show you what we've been doing for them. We've created some really cool stuff for RentMonster ranging from a slick and stylish mascot, Trent Monster, to developing a custom CRM to replace a solution that became a sinking ship.

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