Website Maintenance

We'll manage your website so you can focus on running your business

Maintaining and managing a website sometimes feels like having two jobs and that's because it practically is. Not only do you need to manage your existing business or organization but now you have to worry about maintaining and marketing your digital presence so you effectively have two full-time jobs.

A Maintained Website is a necessity these days

Website Maintenance may seem like something not worth your time considering you already have so many other things to do to manage your business, and we agree, you're right to focus on running your business. However, a website has quickly become a necessary marketing tool but just having a website isn't enough, a maintained website is even more of a necessity these days. Websites that become stale and/or outdated are often an indicator to consumers that a company "doesn't care" and it is also an important factor used by Google and other search engines to rank a website. Websites that are updated more often are ranked higher due to fresh content and consistent effort. Let Visuex maintain your website so you gain all of the benefits of an updated website while you focus on the task of running your business.

Is Maintaining Your Own Website Worth the Hassle? main blog post image
April 29th, 2016

Is Maintaining Your Own Website Worth the Hassle?

We're asked, quite often, "will I be able to edit the website myself?" and we've provided solutions for those who wanted that ability and those who didn't. Recently though, we've been responding in a new way, something like, "Yes, that's certainly an option but do you really want to?"

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